Biased Media Coverage of Gaza Protests

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR), a national media watch group challenging media bias since 1986, published this week an article by Gregory Shupak on the recent coverage of Gaza in the press. Citing reports about the Great March of Return by journalists at CNN, Reuters, and the Associated Press, Shupak concludes that these reports present, “a wildly unbalanced situation as balanced” which “is as morally bankrupt as it is intellectually indefensible.”

Writes Shupak:

“The media’s attempt to present a “balanced” version of these events is a fundamentally flawed approach, because it erases myriad, consequential differences:  between colonizer and colonized; between oppressing people and people resisting oppression; between, on the one hand, the regional military superpower backed by the global hegemon and, on the other, unarmed and lightly armed protestors.”


Shupak illustrates how reporters perpetuate the “false narrative that Israelis and Palestinians have harmed each other to a roughly comparable degree, and share proportionate responsibility for the absence of peace.”

Read the full article here.


Bias in Article Headline

FAIR illustrates how the media distorts coverage of the Great March of Return.