March 30 Day of Action

Show solidarity with Gaza

March 30 marks the first anniversary of the start of the Great March of Return. Over the past year, Palestinians have continued to take part in protests to end the Israeli-imposed blockade and raise awareness of the ongoing denial of their rights. At least 265 Palestinians have been killed and more than 14,300 injured since the protests began.

Ahmed Abu Artema, the Palestinian writer and activist whose Facebook post sparked the march, has called for people outside of Palestine to show solidarity with Gaza. Watch his video above. 

Please join us in action on March 30 by organizing an event in your community. Here are some ideas of what you can do:

1. Organize a vigil.

Your event could include:

>Holding signs with pictures of the march and slogans such as "Gaza Screams for Life with Dignity," "Freedom, Justice, and Equality," "Refugees Have the Right to Return," and "End the Blockade of Gaza." 

> Reading the names of those killed in Gaza. 

> Holding posters in the shape of keys with the names of Palestinian villages destroyed in 1948, when Palestinians were displaced by the creation of Israel.

> Reading essays and poetry written by Palestinians in Gaza about the impact of the blockade (see Gaza Unlocked or We Are Not Numbers).

2. Host a film screening.

Bring people together to watch a film about Gaza. One suggestion is “Gaza: Between Fire and Sea,” which features Ahmed, who's now touring with AFSC as part of a U.S. speaking tour.

3.  Participate in the Rebuilding Alliance's Gaza Light Message Action.

Take a picture of you or your family, using only the light from your phone’s flashlight, or hold up a sign with your message. Share it on social media using the hashtags #GazaLightMessage and غزة_رسالة_ضوء#. Reply to posts from Palestinians in Gaza who use those hashtags by sending them that photo.

Don’t forget to share photos from your action or event by tagging @afsc_org!

Thank you for standing with Palestinians in Gaza and for taking action on March 30.