Risking life to save life

During the Great Return March, university student Muawiya Alai volunteered with a Palestinian Red Crescent medical team providing assistance to those injured during the protests. While in the field and wearing his medical uniform, Muawiya and a colleague were shot by Israeli snipers.  Ambulances that tried to reach them were delayed by more than 30 minutes when they also came under fire from Israeli forces.  

During the Great Return March at least 250 medical personnel were injured, more than 25 by live fire, and 1 medic was killed.  Through June more than 40 ambulances had also come under fire from Israeli soldiers.  

Muawiya, who was only weeks away from graduating from university when he was shot, is now recovering from his wounds and trying to access the medical care that he needs to fully heal.  However, Gaza’s overstretched hospitals are not able to provide him with all of the assistance he needs which is forcing Muawiya to search for medical care outside of Gaza.  

However, the blockade makes accessing medical care outside of Gaza incredibly difficult.  To leave Gaza for medical treatment requires a permit from Israel and Israel denies half of all medical travel permit requests.  Israeli officials have also stated that they will not grant travel permits to anyone injured during the Great Return March.  

Watch our new video to hear Muawiya tell his own story.