World Bank: The Gaza Economy is Collapsing

World Bank Graph on Gaza Unemployment

Table from World Bank Report to the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee, September 2018. 

The World Bank Issues Urgent Call to Action

"The economy in Gaza is collapsing," writes the World Bank in a new report published at the end of September. Marina Wes, World Bank Country Director for the West Bank and Gaza, states, "A situation where people struggle to make ends meet, suffer from worsening poverty, rising unemployment and deteriorating public services such as health care, water and sanitation, calls for urgent, real and sustainable solutions."

In a press release issued with the 38 page report, the World Bank writes, "The economic deterioration in both Gaza and the West Bank can no longer be counteracted by foreign aid, which has been in steady decline, nor by the private sector which remains confined by restrictions on movement, access to primary materials and trade."  Among the recommendations offered to address the crisis, the World Bank report states that, "the Government of Israel could support a conducive environment for economic growth by lifting restrictions on trade and allowing the movement of goods and people, without which the economic situation in Gaza will never improve."

The full report can be read here.